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Archive for June 2011

The music of HBO’s third and fourth seasons of “True Blood” will drop in a new soundtrack this fall, both digitally and in stores, its publisher announced today.

“True Blood – Music From the Original Series Volume 3” follows the first two Grammy-nominated soundtracks from WaterTower Music and will include a duet by Neko Case and Nick Cave. Case and Cave recorded a new version of The Zombies’ classic “She’s Not There” that went on sale online Sunday after this season’s premiere episode.

Details on the additional tracks included in the upcoming “True Blood” soundtrack will be released later this summer.


Date: June 30th | Category: Music, True Blood
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OK y’all, I’ve been the poster girl for commando living for ages, but guess who else is… Alfre Woodard! Hooray for Ms. Lady, Ruby Jean Reynolds, Lafayette’s Mom! She tells it like it is to a show called “The Talk” (yeah, I dunno either); but listen all you thong wearing peeps, tell me why they better than nothing at all – just a nuisance if ya ask me (or Alfre 😉

Date: June 29th | Category: True Blood, Videos
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Alan Ball is giving some burning answers about the Season 4 premiere, let me highlight the eternal Bill/Sookie/Eric affair but be sure to check Xfinity for the whole interview, it’s very interesting!

Eric and Bill are still fighting over Sookie like a couple of high school boys trying to get a date to the prom. A lot of fans seem to be on Eric’s side in all of this, so does he get the girl?
He gets derailed in the second episode, and goes through a kind of major story. Fans of the books (by Charlaine Harris, upon which the show is based), especially the fourth, will not be disappointed. This is very much based on what is in the book. Eric becomes a person who feels very vulnerable. Surprisingly vulnerable. Sookie sees a side of him never seen before. And fans will get to see everything they want to see.

What about Bill? As you mentioned earlier, he’s bit of a bureaucrat now. He’s putting on a good face for the humans. As King, Bill is going to definitely be in charge. He’s the point person for the war between vampires and witches. He’s going to be tested by a dangerous adversary. He’s going to have to be on his toes and fight for vampires in general because he’s up pretty much up against an entity that has dreams of vampire genocide.

So Bill and Sookie? Are they through?
He can’t turn a switch and say he has no feelings for her anymore. You will get to understand more about his motivation, why he did what he did to her in the past and how ultimately he was protecting her. Bill did generally fall in love with her. Up to the point where he was going to either kill Sophie-Anne or die himself.

Speaking of the men in Sookie’s life, where is werewolf Alcide? He was nowhere to be seen in the premiere.
Sookie finds herself in situation soon where she needs help and she turns to him. You’ll see that his life is also very complicated.

You’ve mentioned that the big story for this year is the ultimate grudge match, Vampires Vs. Witches. In the premiere, we did get to meet the mystical Marnie. Is she a part of the battle?
There is one other witch who will figure prominently. And who may not be from this century. Marnie is our big villain, the Russell Edgington of this season. She seems sweet, but wait!


Date: June 29th | Category: Articles, True Blood
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True Blood Season 4 Episode 3 Preview – If You Love Me, Why Am I Dyin?
by Rickey on Tue June 28, 2011 at 02:01 pm

True Blood Season 4 Episode 3 Preview

Wait? There’s already a preview for Episode 3 of True Blood? Oh yeah, that’s because Episode 2 is already available for Comcast subscribers who have HBO. Sigh. Spoilers follow…

Sookie makes a deal with Eric, and reconnects with Alcide; Bill punishes an errant vampire and counsels a guilt-ridden Jessica; Jason is cast as a reluctant savior; Tommy eyes a scam and alienates Sam; Marnie flexes her newfound powers; Pam delivers an ultimatum to Lafayette, Tara and Jesus; Eric spoils Sookie’s faerie reunion.

Date: June 29th | Category: True Blood, Videos
View Comments // View All Comments (0) | Posted by Vixen Mistress
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