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Hot, dark and handsome 19-year-old actor Tyler Posey was runner-up for the part of Jacob in the Twilight series. Fate still gave him a chance to “wolf-out” playing Scott, an innocent high school loser turned sports star/werewolf hottie in the upcoming new MTV series “Teen Wolf”. You might have seen Tyler on the shows “Lincoln Heights” and “Brothers and Sisters” but “Wolf” is his first big leading role.

If you’ve ever watched the original film starring Back to the Future’s Michael J. Fox on TV, old video or DVD, well…. it’s not that! Granted, the new series does feature a high schooler who desperately wants to excel at a sport (then: basketball, now: lacrosse), get a girlfriend and gain some serious “cred” but otherwise, the TV show is way more sexy, bloody and just plain hot than the old version. We’re talking love triangles, big “kills” etc.

Teen Television recently spoke to Tyler about his role in the upcoming new series:

TT: You tried out for the Jacob role in Twilight and now you are playing a different werewolf starring in your own show! Cool or just weird fate?

Tyler: Yeah, it was between me and Taylor Lautner for that role. I will forever not live that down but it’s okay with me because I’m so happy with the project we’re doing right now that I’m not even looking back. It’s 100 percent okay. I enjoy the Twilight series. But, fate? It’s insane. MTV described me as having “a lupine look; a werewolf look” so I guess it just had to happen eventually.

TT: What has your experience shooting “Teen Wolf” been like when compared with “Lincoln Heights” or “Brothers and Sisters”?

Tyler: There is no way to compare because this is my first starring, lead role in anything. I’ve been working ever since I was a little kid so I’m super accustomed to the way sets roll. I know how everything works but it’s so much different when you’re the lead in every shot and every single scene. There’s no way to prepare for it. I don’t regret anything. I had the best time of my life in Atlanta. I miss it so much. I’m here (in L.A.) not doing anything other than photo shoots and interviews and I’m antsy. I need to work.

How long are you in the make-up chair for your transformation into the werewolf?

Tyler: When we first started, it was a guinea pig process. We were just testing. It took like four and a half hours and I was like “Oh my God. I don’t want to do this every single day”. But we got it down to like an hour and a half and it was so much fun because in the make-up chair, I got to hang out with the really cool dudes who did my make-up and listen to cool music. When I was finally in the wolf make-up, I felt really cool. The contacts kind of suck but I got used to them.

TT: How do you like your werewolf “look”? Scott is still hot as a wolf; kinda handsome rather than super full-wolfy like Jacob in Twilight or just scary like American Werewolf in London.

Tyler: Yeah, that’s the point. I love the look. It’s really different from the original Teen Wolf where he was a furball. Also, we’re not going so much for cute as a sleeker wolf that maybe girls can fall in love with.

Head on over to Teen Television and read the whole interview!

Date: May 31st | Category: Cast, Interviews, Teen Wolf
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