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Archive for March 2011

This morning we had the pleasure of waking up to a new promo for the much anticipated return of the CW’s hit series, The Vampire Diaries. This afternoon we have another promo! YAY!! Check it out below!!

Date: March 31st | Category: Previews, Vampire Diaries
View Comments // View All Comments (0) | Posted by Katherine recently spoke to Dawn Olivieri, who currently has a recurring role on the CW’s Vampire Diaries. Here’s some of the interview, where Dawn spoke about being the envy of thousands of girls and women:

It must be difficult to be the envy of thousands of “The Vampire Diaries” fans, but Dawn Olivieri seems to be handling it beautifully.
“Ian [Somerhalder] is a nice person and really cares about how you feel and makes sure that you’re comfortable,” Olivieri said. “And he’s not such a bad looker, so it’s not the worst situation that I’ve ever had to be in.”
Olivieri is talking about the episode “Daddy Issues,” in which Somerhalder’s rakish vampire Damon Salvatore gets Olivieri’s reporter Andie Star out of her clothes and into a bubble bath—without compelling her.
He does use the vampire hypnosis to keep her there, after confessing how much he likes to kill people, and then taking a healthy bite of her neck. The scene had fans squealing, but for Olivieri, who has been friends with Somerhalder for a long time, it was just in a day’s work.
“If you have to be in a bath for six hours with anyone, you’re pretty much ready to get out,” she said, laughing. “We were so pruned. And he would try to touch me with his toes on the leg! You get that weird, creepy feeling when his ‘pruney’ hands are touching you. So we were having a prune battle in the tub.
“We had a good time; it was a lot of fun.”

Andie Star will be back in the last part of the season (it returns April 7), but Olivieri isn’t sure what lies in store for the bevamped beauty. At the time of our interview, she was headed back to Atlanta to film, but hadn’t seen any script.
Damon’s former lover, the vindictive vamp Katherine, is back on the scene. I suggested the women might spar over Damon.
“I don’t imagine a clash between those two,” Olivieri said. “Oh, wouldn’t that be a good episode? Maybe my time is coming. Or her time, I don’t know.”

Olivieri talked more about vampires, her excitement about “House of Lies,” and the joy of guest-starring as the sister of your ex-boyfriend’s character, to read the full article head on over to

Date: March 31st | Category: Cast, Interviews, Vampire Diaries
View Comments // View All Comments (0) | Posted by Katherine

We’ll start with the lead character. Sookie might sound a little silly at first, but it does grow on you. It is a Southern derivative of Susan or Susanna, which in turn is the English form of the Hebrew Shoshana, which means lily (in modern Hebrew it also means rose). A lily, of course, is a flower. The word usually brings to mind a white flower with a strong perfume, but there are many, many kinds of lilies. Day lilies, tiger lilies, Easter lilies… In my part of the country, day lilies will take over a garden if not kept contained. They survive bitter winters and scorching summers. A symbol of femininity and grace, lilies are beautiful, colorful, and hardy. Sound familiar?

Stackhouse is a surname that is traced back to people who lived near a steep rock or hill. I don’t see either near Sookie’s family home, so instead let’s be more figurative in our interpretation of her last name. Stackhouse sounds sturdy and unpretentious. It doesn’t require a flourish like Bellefleur, but neither is it plain old Smith or Jones. Stackhouse is a capable name, one that goes with a family who values hard work and good times with friends and family.

So we have a name that evokes a solid, Southern heritage. It’s a little whimsical, but strong. A little different, but not without context. It’s feminine, but determined. I’d say that sums up our girl, wouldn’t you?


Date: March 31st | Category: Articles, General, True Blood
View Comments // View All Comments (0) | Posted by Vixen Mistress

April 7 is fast approaching, but not nearly quick enough! However, much like HBO are doing to us for True Blood, the CW have been releasing little tidbits of the upcoming return episode. Below we have a video featuring Damon talking about what is coming up in Mystic Falls!

Date: March 31st | Category: General, Vampire Diaries
View Comments // View All Comments (0) | Posted by Katherine
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