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Archive for January 2011 has a great read on what could happen if Tyler tries to break the curse once he finds out more about the goings on in Mystic Falls.

Tyler doesn’t yet know about the ancient Aztec curse that limits the powers of vampire and werewolves, that it’s what keeps (most) vampires from walking in the sun and the wolves’ transformations tied to the full moon. He also doesn’t know that if a wolf breaks the curse before a vampire (cough, Klaus) does, wolves won’t be forced to change every full moon. They could choose to change whenever they want to – or never again. “Once he learns that bit of information, I think he’s gonna fight to find a way to break that curse,” Trevino says. Sounds like the actor may have good instincts: “I don’t think that spoils too much to say that yes, that becomes very appealing to him,” exec producer Kevin Williamson says. “He does not want to go through that [transformation] again.” Two more things to remember: Regardless of whether you’re a vamp or a werewolf, the ritual must still be performed — which means Elena (Nina Dobrev) would still need to be sacrificed, and once a vampire or werewolf breaks the curse, the other creature is eternally screwed. So if a vampire breaks the curse first so all bloodsuckers can walk in the sun (and not just the Originals or those with witch friends), wolves will forever transform on the full moon. If a wolf breaks the curse first, the vamps stay in the dark. I’m always wrong when I try to guess what will happen on this show. These “spoilers” have just been what fans would logically expect Tyler to be thinking — it’s the twists that Williamson and fellow EP Julie Plec throw in that we can’t predict. But why don’t you try anyway…

You can read the full article over at

Date: January 30th | Category: Articles, Vampire Diaries
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One werewolf transformation may be enough for Michael Trevino, according to The Boston Hearald

“That’s probably the hardest I’ve ever been pushed as an actor,” Trevino told the Herald in a telephone interview last week from Los Angeles.
There will be another full moon in Mystic Falls before the second season of the hit series is over. “As far as the transformation goes, I’m hoping it’s not anything like our first one. Let’s make some noises, cut to the moon, and cut down to wolf,” he said and then laughed.

Tyler spent most of the first season being a jerk. The werewolf curse made him a more likable character. “That’s something I’m really happy and proud to show, that there’s a softer side to Tyler and to show him in this vulnerable state,” Trevino said. “And that’s the second part of our season. He’s had this transformation, so now life is just different. It has to be different after going through something like that. He’ll have to go on a different journey.”

Even though he’s a werewolf, Tyler remains clueless about how many other supernatural denizens reside in Mystic Falls. That will change as other characters arrive with news. “This information is big because he’s had trust in relationships with certain people, and now he’s finding out that they weren’t being truthful at all, so that changes his mindset and attitude toward certain people,” he said.

Head on over to The Boston Hearald to read the full article

Date: January 30th | Category: Cast, Interviews, Vampire Diaries
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Emma from visited the set of The Vampire Diaries a few weeks back, and had the opportunity to speak with writer Julie Plec about what we can expect for the rest of the season as far as relationships, game-changers, and casting.

All the questions that she had in her notebook to ask were fan questions, and a lot of those questions were from Bonnie fans, or Bamon fans. So she started out asking Julie if we were going to be seeing anymore about Bonnie’s family or their family history. “Yes, that’s a source we haven’t even tapped yet,” Julie replied, “I don’t know if it will be this year. We’ve talked about it. Certainly it will happen in the life of her character, because it’s very enigmatic in episode 3 of last year when she and Stefan sit down and meet each other for the first time and she says ‘No mom. Live with my dad.’ Alright well what’s that story? No mom? What do you mean no mom? Who is she? Where is she? Why don’t you like to talk about her? Why have we never met her dad? Why does she seem to not have a relationship with her dad? Why did your dad hate your Grams? There are so many great questions, and really it’s just a matter of time before we answer them.”

Fans of the books know that they have a much “closer” relationship than they do on the show, so is there any hope that fans will see that relationship play out on the small screen? “That’s a relationship that is really important to book fans, and they make their importance very clear to us in fan feedback. I think the fun that we have with them right now is to go from two people who absolutely have no respect, admiration, or love for one another what so ever… and watching them… because they share common goals and common loves, that they’re willing to put their differences aside and work together. This year was very much about taking Bonnie from own team separated from what Damon is up to and brining the two of them together, so that’s what we can promise for now. As for the future, you never know.” Julie teases.

You can read the full interview over at

Date: January 30th | Category: Interviews, Vampire Diaries
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Samantha Ferris has revealed through her Twitter page that gun-toting, beer-slinging hunter Ellen Harvelle is coming back for some more Supernatural action.
Samantha starting teasing fans on Wednesday the 19th when she tweeted, “….Oh, I’ve got a secret…..think you might like it…..:)”
She followed up on the 21st with, “Ok. Big hint tomorrow. How’s that? Got to drawwww this out a bit right? It’s kinda fun. I will tell u it put a smile on my face all day.”
True to her word, Samantha tweeted her hint the next day with, “hint…..momma bear is in da house!” but she didn’t let the suspense last long as one of her followers informed her that her tweet count was now resting at 666.
Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait to find out more because Samantha also let people know via Twitter that she won’t be giving any details.


Date: January 30th | Category: Cast, Supernatural
View Comments // View All Comments (0) | Posted by Katherine
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