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Archive for December 2010

On the vampire series True Blood, Alexander Skarsgard plays the sheriff of area five, Eric Northman. Sometimes, the role calls for nudity – and Alexander is more than happy to oblige.
We’ve learned that once Alexander gets naked for the role, he stays naked for an entire eight hours. Co-star Kristin Bauer, who plays Pam, said, “He was once naked for about eight hours and he’s completely comfortable with it. He’s Swedish. My husband’s band toured in Sweden and he said that’s just how it is. There’s no puritanical background there. It’s nice because it makes all of us more comfortable with it.”

E! News has more:
Bauer says there’s no update on Skarsgård slipping into pink spandex on the show like his character does in the Charlaine Harris’ original Sookie Stackhouse book series. “He’s not in pink spandex yet,” she said. “If it doesn’t happen, I’m going to just beg him to do it just for me.”
As for Bauer herself getting naked again, she’s already preparing for it. “When I’m on hiatus I never go to the gym—never!” she admitted. “But after my first wardrobe fitting, I go four days a week.”


Date: December 28th | Category: Articles, Cast, True Blood
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Television writers of the world, if you have any doubts about how to keep your viewers interested over the holiday hiatus, please watch “Supernatural’s” mid-season finale, “Appointment in Samarra.”

That, ladies and gentlemen, is a cliffhanger. We were left breathless – and nobody on screen even had his shirt off.

In the last moments of the episode, as Sam (Jared Padalecki) plead with his brother to let him go, Dean (Jensen Ackles) watched Death return Sam’s soul to his body. Sounds like a good thing, but when a soul has been “hate-banged” by Lucifer himself, it’s not exactly the safest bet.

We’re glad to have reached this climax in the saga of Sam’s soul — we missed him, okay? — but while we’ve got one answer, we’ve got a whole lot of questions. Here are the top 10 things we’re looking forward to finding out in the second half of Season 6 after “Supernatural” returns on Friday Jan. 28 at 9 p.m. after a new episode of “Smallville.”

Did Dean make the right call? According to “Supernatural” mythology, having a soul is what gives us compassion, instinct, and emotion. It’s also what makes us feel pain. After over a year in a cage with Lucifer and Michael, Sam’s got a whole lot of pain held up behind a flimsy wall in his mind. Would he have been better off without it after all?

What will Sam remember? Just because Sam won’t be plagued by his time in hell doesn’t necessarily mean he won’t remember it. Will he remember the year he spent hunting with his grandfather and all the innocent people killed for the sake of the hunt? Will he remember watching, unflinching, as Dean was turned into a vampire?

Which version of Sam is going to walk out of the panic room? When we first met Sam Winchester in 2005, he was the perfect contrast to his shoot-first-ask-questions-later older brother. As he developed over the subsequent seasons, he threw himself into the job, growing stronger as the demons tried to break him. When Sam gets his soul back, complete with a drywall dividing him from the agony of hell, is he going to be the same guy who jumped into the hole in the Season 5 finale?

Are we still looking for Purgatory? With Crowley dead (moment of silence for the most awesome demon ever, please) are the Winchesters still going to try to find out what was so special about Purgatory? We’re not really buying his explanation that it was just a real estate investment.

Speaking of Crowley’s death, who is the new King of Hell? Even Demons need some governing, right? So now that Lucifer is locked up, and Azazel, Lilith and Crowley are dead, who is next in line for the position of Big Bad? We’d like to nominate Meg for the position. She’s been escaping the Winchesters for six seasons now. Even Lucifer can’t boast that. Besides, it sounds to us like Hell could use a little feminine touch.

What’s up with the Alphas? From what we’ve learned this season, we assume that every species of monster has an Alpha who passes orders down to the underlings with creepy psychic dream-visions. As the Alpha vampire told the Winchesters, Alphas are the first of their species – sort of. “Well, we all have our mothers, even me,” he said. Monsters have been breaking their patterns post-apocalypse, recruiting and breeding more monsters. What, exactly, are these creepers gearing up for?

Read the full article over at

Date: December 28th | Category: Articles, Supernatural
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A brand new Supernatural anime trailer is out, showcasing the new cartooned cast and a whole lot of nasty boil-popping hexes, curses and demons. And it’s all set to the tune of Kansas, naturally.

Date: December 28th | Category: Articles, Supernatural
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TV Fanfic recently spoke to Julie Plec about whats ahead next year:

Overall, what can we expect when the show returns?
We’re going to come to the end of what we’re calling our werewolf chapter, which will really take that story to a really dark place and really change a lot of characters lives, not necessarily in a good way.

We are going to dig deeper into the secrets of our new witches and what Bonnie’s role is going to be in their story, and of course it’s all about the fear of the impending Klaus, and who’s going to be fighting on who’s side, who’s bond is with who, who’s going to betray whom, and is this curse going to be lifted at the hands of a sacrifice that would kill Elena. We’re full steam ahead.

How many more werewolves are coming to Mystic Falls?
That I can’t say, but I will say Tyler isn’t the only one, as we’ve just met Jules. Jules was talking to someone on the phone during the previous episode, and it’s quite possible that that somebody might be showing up to town pretty soon.

Is there a clause in Ian Somerhalder’s contract about appearing shirtless a certain number of times per month?
(Laughs.) No. It’s funny, we had a little bit of a drought of our shirtless boys this season, because we only put them shirtless when it feels right for the story. But I looked at Kevin and I was like, “everybody’s had too many clothes on for the last 6 or 7 episodes. This is wrong. So we’ll be seeing more bare-chested boys as we go into the New Year. All totally organic to the story, as always, of course (laughs).

You can of course read the full article over at: TV Fanfic

Date: December 24th | Category: Interviews, Vampire Diaries
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