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Archive for December 2010

Warning: this post contains spoilers that some readers may prefer to avoid!

TV Guide has this little tidbit for us for Second half of Season Two –

When will we get more backstory on The Vampire Diaries? — Maxine
NATALIE: An upcoming flashback to 1864 will give Elena a new perspective on her sibling suitors. Before then, though, expect a visit or two from the Grim Reaper. “A lot of people are dying,” Katerina Graham tells us. “Not, like, too many, where it’s like, ‘Why are all these people dying?’ But a couple of important characters are going to go.”>Source

Date: December 31st | Category: Interviews
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The first half of season 6 of Supernatural featured a new character—sort of. Fans were introduced to “Soulless Sam,” or “RoboSam” as Dean called him. His body may have been pulled out of the cage by Crowley, but apparently there was only so much the King of Hell could do. And now that Death has put Sam’s soul back where it belongs (with a safety measure), there’s only one thing that viewers are hoping: please, Sam, do not scratch at that wall.

Sam’s Memory

A clip (below) from the upcoming episode, “Like a Virgin,” of Supernatural shows Sam and Dean sitting at a table with beer at Bobby’s house. Dean wants to know the last thing Sam remembers, then a flash of images about their next case is shown. The promo ends with Dean saying, “Okay, I’m not changing the channel.” Could this mean Sam doesn’t remember anything after jumping into the cage, and Dean’s not going to tell him what he’s missing?

Will Sam also feel the consequences of not sleeping for over a year? If he doesn’t remember what happened since he’s been back, will that mean he won’t remember letting Dean be turned into a vampire or trying to kill Bobby? If or when he does, will he then start feeling guilty? Those could make for some awkward conversations (or the return to the heart-to-hearts in or against the Impala) between the Winchester brothers.


Date: December 31st | Category: Articles, Previews, Supernatural
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Vampire Diaries Star, Nina Dobrev is the cover girl of Flare Magazine for February 2011 issue. She is looking as sexy as ever in this glamorous shoot. Beautiful, Nina is photographed by Chris Nicholls and styled by Elizabeth Cabral for Flare Magazine February 2011 cover.

She dons a glitzy L’Wren Scott dress and lying in bed of lovely pink and orange roses. Nina is looking simply stunning with thick hair and flawless makeup. Her hair and makeup is styled by Justin German and Simone Otis. Nina Dobrev is wearing exquisite ring by Rebekah Price Designs and sophisticated bracelets by Eddie Borgo, Holt Renfrew.

22 year old Canadian actress, Nina also dons a super sexy green satin mini skirt with black top and looks hot. In the interview, she revealed about her most memorable day and best date.


Date: December 30th | Category: Articles, Cast, Vampire Diaries
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Earlier this month, MTV brought you the news that “True Blood” actor Michael McMillian will be teaming up with veteran comics writer Marc Andreyko to script the next arc of IDW Publishing’s “True Blood” comic book series.

McMillian and Andreyko’s “True Blood” arc will explore what happens when new vampire Jessica Hamby is turned feral by a contaminated bottle of synthetic blood substitute Tru Blood. Along with aeries regulars Sookie Stackhouse and Bill Compton, the arc will also feature the comic book debut of fan-favorite “True Blood” characters such as Hoyt Fortenberry, Terry Bellefleur, Arlene Fowler, and McMillian’s own character, anti-vampire crusader Steve Newlin.

I caught up with McMillian recently to get a few more details about his “True Blood” arc, how it will connect with the wildly popular HBO television series, and what could be in store for fan-favorite character Steve Newlin in both the comics and television worlds. We also got an update on hisother comics project: the four-issue “Lucid” series that marked his comics debut and will see its third issue hit shelves soon.

MTV NEWS: First off, congratulations on the new gig. It must be a crazy feeling to suddenly find yourself writing scenes for your own character on “True Blood”…

MICHAEL MCMILLIAN: Yeah, it’s interesting that it worked out that way. I’m sort of killing two birds with one stone here, getting to write for “True Blood” and being able to put myself in a comic at the same time. I think Steve makes a cameo as early as page three in issue #1, so I got him in there as quickly as I could. [Laughs]

MTV: So when it comes to the comic book series, how much input are you getting from the television team? Are they involved in the comic book creative process?

MCMILLIAN: Yeah, Alan [Ball] is overseeing the entire process from his bloody throne. [Laughs] He reads all the scripts, and read the outline that Marc and I turned in. Before that, he was the one who ultimately selected which story we would do from the group of pitches. It’s fun because the comic really does feel like an extension of the show, which is terrific. Marc and I have made it our goal to have it feel just like that. We want the audience to pick up the comic and feel like they’re getting a little extra show while they wait for Season Four.

MTV: You mentioned wanting the comic to feel like an extension of the show. Where does this story arc fit in the overall “True Blood” continuity? Does it have a specific spot in the series timeline?

MCMILLIAN: It’s tough because “True Blood” the TV series has such a tight continuity that it was a challenge for Marc and I to figure out where the story would fit in. Ultimately, we have our thoughts as to where this takes place, but you kind of have to go into it both as writers and audience with this sort of loose sense of continuity. I think fans will be able to figure out where it fits in overall, though.

You can head on over to MTV to read the rest of the interview!

Date: December 30th | Category: Cast, Interviews, True Blood
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